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Wisel Wai Chong
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Air Date
Prod Number 202
Episode Number 2

Wisel Wai Chong isthe 2nd episode of Waktu Rehat's second season. Wai Chong was rewarded with a whistle and Faiz is consumed by the whistle's powers.


Wai Chong was doing his duties and Syed thinks that Wai Chong needs to relax from his prefect duties. Faiz notices the golden whistle and asks. Wai Chong replied that he got it as a prize for winning the country's Top Prefect Award and was feeling pretty stressed out when he received the whistle. Faiz suggests that he and Syed should help Wai Chong to relax and made an oasis, specially for him. The duo asks Wai Chong to think of something that makes him happy and the three of them thinks of something that makes them happy: Wai Chong wins the Best Prefect in the World Award, Faiz wins the Best Shuffler in the World Award and Amirah admiring Syed for bringing her gifts. Wai Chong feels relaxed and thanked Faiz for helping him.

Faiz tries to explain that Wai Chong has been aggressive and teaches him how to communicate when Luna was running along the corridor to find the Red Cresent Team because Suresh was choking on his banana ball. Wai Chong realizes that Faiz is a better prefect than he was. With a heavy heart, he gave his whistle to Faiz and reminded him to take good care of it as it's powers are mysterious. Syed was about to pull a prank on Kieran but was stopped by Faiz, who now acts like Wai Chong. Wai Chong asks Faiz to relax but Faiz realizes he has changed due to the whistle that Wai Chong gave. Kieran suggests they should help Faiz before he becomes even more power crazy. They got into a fight to remove the whistle from Faiz's possession but the whistle flew out the window and was found by the Principal. The gang tried to warn the Principal but it was too late.






Wai Chong

School Rule[]

633C Paragraph 10 - No shuffling along the corridor 12A Paragraph 5 - Setting up a picnic without a permit 75F - Possessing a rubber snake without a license


Wai Chong: Faiz... Apa kata awak bagi balik saya wisel tu? (Reaches over to grab the whistle)

Faiz: TIDAK! Aku punya! My precious! (Stares at the whistle)

Wai Chong: SEKARANG!

(Syed, Wai Chong and Kieran fights to get the whistle away from Faiz until the whistle flew over the window)

Principal: Apa ni? Wisel?

Syed, Faiz, Kieran and Wai Chong: TUNGGU, PENGETUA! TUNGGU!

(The Principal blows)


(Wai Chong facepalms)

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