Usertags are small, colored boxes that are designed to appear on the user pages of users of Bulbapedia. They may be added like any other template is to a page, using double curly brackets ({{}}) around the title of the template. For example, {{User Admin}}‎ will create the below: Template:User Admin Of course, this will cause the box to extend the full length of the page. Because this does not look very nice, it is preferred to put the userboxes in a sidebar. Below is the most common coding used to accomplish this:

<div class="userbox">
{{User Userbox 1}}
{{User Userbox 2}}
{{User Userbox 3}}
{{User Userbox 4}}
{{User Userbox 5}}
{{User Userbox 6}}
{{User Userbox 7}}

Any number of usertags can be put between the start and the end. Other text can also be put in, as seen to the left side of this very page.

A basic usertag can be found at {{User Template}}. If you want to make a new one that is separate, you should make it by following the basic pattern of the other usertags, and by naming them using this format:

Template:User a short name describing the template

Please refrain from making too many of these. If there are a bunch of usertags that you want to make, please use the {{User Template}} template if at all possible.

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