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Unreal World
Air Date December 7, 2008
Prod Number 213
Episode Number 28

Unreal World is the 13th episode in Season 2 (US). Brooke films a class documentary, but her friends have problems acting normally in front of a camera.


Lexi and Tiffany meets Toejam and Brooke in the hall. Tiffany asks Brooke why she has a camera and she tells her that she wants to make a series documentary for film class. She asks for suggestions. Lexi says that she should do one about devastation in forests of the Amazon. Tiffany says that she should do one on the American Revolution and even interview them. Toejam says that she should do one on things on them about what happens in between classes. Brooke says that's too boring. Just then, Skipper walks in in a scuba-diving suit and gear and asks them if they have seen the bus for the field trip. They all answer no. Skipper leaves and Brooke changes her mind and decides to film a documentary about themselves. The bell rings as Skipper returns and looks outside the window and sees the bus leaving. Then he decides to walk there.

Lexi, Danny, Toejam, Skipper, and Tiffany are sitting on the stairs as Brooke tells them to act natural and pretend she is not there. Skipper then admits that he already does that all the time. Skipper tells her that she should make a film about him and how he helps everyone. Lexi says that she could make one about how she wins over everyone. Toejam suggests himself as well, about how he is the "voice of reason". Danny says that it should be about how he has a good voice and Tiffany says that it should just be about her because she is a good star. Brooke starts the film rolling and everyone stares at the camera with their mouths opened. Then the bell rings and they leave saying weird things in old English. Tiffany drops her books on purpose and Skipper picks them up and announces that he's the boy who helps everyone. Brooke sighs.

Lexi and Tiffany walks in talking and they find Brooke filming them so they stop talking. Brooke tells them to continue talking and Lexi is nervous, so she exclaims that it's a nice day out and Tiffany says yes. Lexi waves to the camera and says, "Hello, Brooke". Brooke tells them to keep talking. Lexi exclaims that it's a nice day out. Tiffany agrees again and says that if she was president, she would make everyday this nice. Lexi says that they can't control the weather so the giggle. Danny walks in and asks them why they are laughing but sees the camera and starts laughing as well. Lexi and Tiffany run off, leaving Danny. Toejam walks in and Danny tells him to play along. Toejam sees the camera and challenges Danny to a duel but changes his mind and challenges him to a dance-off. Danny and Toejam starts dancing like weirdos and Skipper walks in and tells the viewer that they are experiencing what happens between classes in the Hallway Zone. Brooke claims that they are all ruining her film and walks away. Skipper sees the dance-off and starts dancing. Danny, Lexi, Tiffany, and Toejam are sitting on the steps saying how hard it is to act natural. Brooke walks in and they apologize. Brooke says that it's okay because her teacher thought it was a comedy and gave her an A. They ask what is so funny about them. Skipper walks in in a scuba-diving suit and asks if they saw a fish.



  • In this episode the group are nervous to be in front of a camera but in Here I Go they aren't nervous to be on camera.

This is the The Hallway Zone

  • This episode has a reference to the Twilight Zone when Skipper is talking in the camera but refers it "The Hallway Zone".

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