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To Go or Not to Go
To Go, or Not to Go.png
Air Date September 7, 2007
Prod Number 104
Episode Number 4

To Go or Not to Go is the 4th episode in Season 1 (U.S.). The guys talk about and wonder why girls often go to the bathroom together.


Tiffany walks to Charlotte and Brooke and asks them if they know what time it is. Brooke says it's math time and Charlotte says it's time to go talk to the guys. Tiffany says that they are wrong and that it is bathroom time. They go to the bathroom together. Danny, Toejam, and Skipper come in. They tell Danny to engage in a friendly conversation when Charlotte comes out of the bathroom. Toejam tells him not to talk about bathrooms because it is not romantic. Skipper asks Danny to ask Tiffany for him. The girls come out of the bathroom and Danny asks why they go to the bathroom together. They say that they would never understand. Toejam says that they will understand because they are kind of smart. They say that they go in there because the mirror is in there and that they "connect" with each other in there. They said that they mostly talk about how to destroy boys.

Danny, Toejam, and Skipper are arguing if they should go together. Charlotte tells them that they don't have to go to the bathroom together if they go to the bathroom together. The boys understand and tell them that the "guy world" smells good like the mall. Tiffany says that she thinks that being un-manly is manly. The bell rings and the girls tell them good luck going to the bathroom together. Danny tells Charlotte that they should talk about how great the mall is on Saturday next period.

The guys continue to argue and the girls walk up to them and tell them to go together. The guys ask them if skirts are comfortable and they say yes. The guys imagine themselves walking out of the bathroom together in skirts and having everyone laugh at them. Brooke figures that they are just scared that other people see them do that. Charlotte says that she has a plan. Charlotte yells that there are rats in the hallway and all the girls leave. Brooke looks out the window and says that Jessica Simpson is out there. All the boys leave. Danny, Skipper, and Toejam look out the window. Charlotte tells them that they have 30 seconds to go the the bathroom together. The boys run in. The girls leave.

The boys come out laughing, but they don't know why. Danny says that they are never going to get dates with them.



  • To Go or Not to Go is a pun on To be, or not to be.

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