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Thomas James
Name Thomas James
Gender Male
Show As the Bell Rings (United States)
Occupation Student
Introduced In Flower Day
Portrayed By Seth Ginsburg

Thomas "Toejam" James (played by Seth Ginsburg in As The Bell Rings). Toejam is Daniel Neilson and Skipper Adamson's best friend. Toejam is a very rational kid, but yet, he supports his friends greatly.

Character Story[]

"Toejam" is the other of Danny's best friends. An episode in Season 2 reveals that "Toejam's" first name is Thomas. There is a lot of romance between Toejam and Brooke, but usually only after Tiffany intervenes, because they're both quite shy. In one episode, though, Toejam steps in on his own when Brooke is being made fun of by the school bully. Also, in another episode, Toejam and Brooke have a "study date" planned, and is shy to admit it's a date. When she changes her image and tries to cancel the date, Toejam attempts change his image to fit in with Brooke's new image, proving that he likes her, but the plan backfires when Brooke goes back to her old self.

Romantic Life[]

Brooke Nichols[]

Toejam is not sure if he has a crush on Brooke Nichols, but many hints lead to it.


  • He is the only character in As The Bell Rings who's last name is unknown, but yet, he is the second character to have a known middle name.
  • Toejam's nickname derived from his first and middle name, "Thomas" and "James".