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The Quiz
The Quiz.png
Air Date November 10, 2007
Prod Number 109
Episode Number 9

The Quiz is the 9th episode in Season 1 (U.S.). Danny and Toejam find Charlotte's magazine. Within it, they find a quiz that says Charlotte likes clog dancing and Danny must learn how to clog dance to impress her.


Toejam tells Danny that he found a magazine and that person had filled out a "Relationship Quiz". He reads it, "What is the top 3 things you want in a boyfriend? A great listener, someone who is sensitive, and has great sense of humor." Toejam goes into a flashback when Tiffany was telling Danny about a story and Danny wasn't paying attention. He says that he is at least, sensitive. They go back into another flashback when Brooke's goldfish died and Danny said that he's sorry, but it's dead and crying won't bring it back. Danny says that he is humorous. They go into a flashback when Danny is in the hall and tells a joke: "What did the apple say to the banana? Nothing! Apples can't talk!" Danny says so what and that they don't mean a thing. Toejam looks at the magazine and says that it says it's Charlotte's. He tells Danny that it says she likes clog dancing. Toejam says that all he has to do is learn to clog dance, but they don't know what it is.

Toejam walks up to Charlotte and turns on a tape player as Danny comes in clog dancing. Charlotte asks why and Toejam says because of the quiz. Charlotte says that her mom filled in the quiz. Danny continues to clog dance.


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