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The Mascot
The Mascot.png
Air Date October 19, 2007
Prod Number 108
Episode Number 8

The Mascot is the 8th episode in Season 1 (U.S.). Skipper becomes the school mascot, an Eagle, and then tries to impress Tiffany. But adversely, Tiffany actually has ornithophobia, the fear of birds.


Brooke, Toejam, and Danny are in the hall as Toejam announces the new school mascot, Skipper. They say how the voting was tremendous and everyone voted for him. Skipper says that ladies love the mascot. He makes a chicken noise as a group of girls walk by and starts laughing. He says that he would use it to impress Tiffany, but he has to go to the bathroom first.

Tiffany and Toejam are in the hall and Tiffany wants to leave. Toejam tells him that Skipper has a great surprise for her and she says, I'm going to be late. If it's so great, it could wait." Tiffany realizes she said something that rhymed and said that she would use it for the poem in English and leaves. Skipper walks in and asked what happened. Toejam says, "She said she was going to be late and that it could wait." Skipper says, "Oh, great. Just my fate, I'll never get that date." He walks away and Toejam asks what's with all the rhyming.

Brooke, Toejam, and Tiffany are in the hall and Tiffany asks what is the great surprise and Toejam says that he can't tell her. But, Brooke gives it away and says that he's the new mascot. Tiffany is scared an turns around to see a huge Eagle behind her. She screams and runs away. Skipper chases after her. Brooke realizes why Tiffany quit the cheer leading squad.


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