The Kiss
The Kiss
Air Date March 14, 2008
Prod Number 113
Episode Number 13

The Kiss is the 13th episode in Season 1 (U.S.). The Romeo and Juliet play auditions are coming up and Charlotte is auditioning for Juliet, so Skipper helps Danny practice kissing.


Skipper and Danny are talking about the upcoming Romeo and Juliet play auditions. Skipper says that he is going to audition. Danny says that he maybe should, too, but he changes his mind when Skipper tells him that Charlotte is auditioning too and that they might get the lead role and kiss. Danny changes his mind and Skipper tells him that this is his chance to kiss Charlotte. Danny is afraid because he never kissed a girl. Skipper says that he'll teach him everything he'll need to know. Danny doesn't trust him because he thinks that Skipper never kissed a girl before either. Skipper says that he had kissed Maryanne in first grade and that it was his greatest day of his life. Danny says that he is not sure about it, but Skipper says that he has a plan.

Skipper brings a mannequin and tells Danny to practice kissing it or he'll never get the lead role. Charlotte comes in and asks Danny if he is auditioning, but gets distracted by the mannequin and asks Skipper what he is doing. He says that he is rehearsing. Charlotte asks Danny again and he says he doesn't know. Charlotte says that she wants to rehearse with someone; someone with a pulse. She looks over at Skipper and the mannequin. Danny agrees to help Charlotte rehearse the lines but not the kissing part because it's weird. Danny tells Skipper that the mannequin is all his. Skipper turns to the mannequin and addresses her by the name, "Maryanne".



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