The Geek Squad
The Geek Squad
Air Date March 21, 2008
Prod Number 114
Episode Number 14

The Geek Squad is the 14th episode in Season 1 (U.S.). Frank wouldn't stop calling Brooke a geek, so everyone in the school turns into geeks to make him apologize.


Brooke and Charlotte walk in talking about math when Frank walks by and calls Brooke a geek. Brooke says that she is starting to believe that Frank thinks that that is her name. Danny and Toejam walk in and Charlotte asks them if they saw it. Danny says no because they were trying to avoid Frank. Charlotte says that he wouldn't stop calling Brooke a geek and that they should say something to him. Danny says that he doesn't speak bully and that he is planning on learning Portuguese. Charlotte says that she is serious, but Brooke says that it is not a big deal. Toejam says that it is and that if someone is messing with her, they are messing with him.

Frank walks out and calls Brooke a geek. Brooke asks him who he's calling a geek. Frank turns around and sees all the students dressed as geeks. They call him Francis and say that that is Tiffany's grandmother's name. They intimidate him to apologize to Brooke. Brooke says thanks to Toejam and thanks to the students by calling them geeks.


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