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The Dance
The Dance.png
Air Date August 31, 2007
Prod Number 103
Episode Number 3

The Dance is the 3rd episode in Season 1 (U.S.). Danny tries to ask Charlotte out to the dance, but instead, he gets tricked and goes out with a really tall girl.


Charlotte, Brooke, and Tiffany are in the hall where this guy in the Basketball and math team, Kyle, asks out Tiffany. Tiffany says no because he doesn't not look good enough. Charlotte tells her that looks are not everything. Brooke says that she doesn't like dances; this is because she never went to a dance. Danny, Toejam, and Skipper wants to ask the girls out, but they are afraid to. Danny says that they should just walk up to them and ask them. Toejam says that Brooke is not his type and he likes tall girls. Just then, a tall girl named Cheryl, walks up and asks him out. He gives an excuse and says that he's getting his spleen removed. They came to a conclusion and go for it, but the bell rings.

The three walk to the girls, but Danny and Skipper chicken out and head away, as Toejam doesn't realize and talks to the girls. They ask him what's up, and he says that he's looking for the weight room. Tiffany says that they are so weird and that Skipper wants to ask her out, Danny wants to ask Charlotte out, and " Toejam." Charlotte gets excited and wonders how Tiffany would know Danny likes her. She asks Charlotte if Danny rubs his arms, fixes his hair, and lose focus when she asks him non-school related things and Charlotte says sometimes after she goes into a flashback. Tiffany then asks her if she finds him leaning towards her and she goes into a flashback once more where Danny trips, falling in Charlotte's direction. Charlotte says yes. Tiffany asks her if she finds him staring at her in the hall. Charlotte goes into another flashback and says yes, excitedly. She asks if Danny is going to ask her and Brooke says the he's too terrified to do it and he might send Toejam to do it. Charlotte leaves and Tiffany tells Brooke it's time to find her a date.

Danny, Toejam, and Skipper meet. Skipper says that he is out and why can't girls ask guys out for a change. Just then, Cheryl walks up and asks Skipper out. Skipper was surprised a girl asked him out. He got scared and ran to class. Danny and Toejam was surprised how quick he was. Danny asks Toejam to ask Charlotte out for him.

Toejam walks up to Charlotte and says that Danny wants him to ask her something. Just then, Brooke walks up, dressed in a pink skirt, which distracts him. Toejam loses focus and trips. Brooke leaves. Toejam is so excited that he asks Charlotte if she would go out with Danny while he and his back turned to her. He turns around and finds that Charlotte is gone and that she was talking to Cheryl. Cheryl says yes, and Toejam is worried about his mistake.

Skipper walks in and says that Tiffany said "No". Danny and Toejam asks if he asked her, and he says no. Skipper asks Toejam if he asked Brooke and he says no. Danny says that he's going out with Cheryl and Toejam says sorry and Danny chases him down the hall.


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