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Air Date June 4, 2011
Prod Number 209
Episode Number 10 (Season 2)

The Cockatoo is 10th episode of Waktu Rehat Season 2. Wai Chong has a new cockatoo named Kuat who was trained to spy on the students and report their wrongdoings to him.


Wai Chong brings a parrot to school named Kuat as the school's mascot and places it in the school hallway. He then announces that it the school's new mascot. To the delight of the students, the cockatoo can actually talk and have a conversation with them. However, unknown to them, its real purpose is to spy on the students and report their wrongdoings to Wai Chong.

When the students were puzzled how Wai Chong knows their wrongdoings without seeing him anywhere on the hallway, they begin a search for any hidden cameras placed by Wai Chong around the school hallway but to no avail. As they were thinking, they heard Kuat and realized that Kuat is the culprit who told all their wrongdoings to Wai Chong. The cockatoo beg for their forgiveness and revealed Wai Chong's plan by saying that Wai Chong will give him sunflower seeds as a reward if he reports any of the student's wrongdoings to him. 

The students decided to make a deal with Kuat by giving him nuts as a reward for lying to Wai Chong that they did not break the school rules and warning them whenever Wai Chong is coming so that they have time to escape. In the end, Kuat is gone because he was sent to the vet due to over-eating and Wai Chong brings in another parrot name Tugas, thus giving them another problem.


Wai Chong










School RuleEdit

No Rules


Wai Chong: Ingat! Awak mesti melaporkan kepada saya... Pelajar-pelajar yang buat kesalahan! Dan sebagai ganjaran... awak akan dapat... Kuaci!

Kuat: AWWRKK! Saya suka kuaci!

Wai Chong: Dan Saya suka Pengintip (Laugh)

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