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Talent Show
Talent Show.png
Air Date August 26, 2007
Prod Number 102
Episode Number 2

Talent Show is the 2nd episode in Season 1 (U.S.). The school talent show is coming up and everyone is starting to audition. Danny and Charlotte compose a song and sings a duet.


Danny, Tiffany, Charlotte, and Toejam meet in the hall. Toejam asks who's signing up for the talent show. They all say, "me", except for Danny, who says that he prefers to watch his "talented" friends. Tiffany asks what she should perform. She was thinking of hand modeling or singing the alphabet backwards, but she was only able to get to "Y". Danny asks Charlotte what she is doing and she says that she is singing. Brooke pops up from behind and says that she is dancing.

Charlotte reads out the lyrics to her songs to Danny. Toejam comes from behind and plays the Clarinet, missing every note. Charlotte tries to get back to her song, but Tiffany comes back and says that she's been working on the alphabet all period, but yet, she was only able to get to "X". Charlotte goes back to her song, but Skipper, dressed in a magic suit, interrupts and asks Danny to "pick a card, any card." Skipper tries to guess the card but gets it wrong. Danny then gives Charlotte the next line of her song, but then Brooke comes from behind and does the robot. The bell rings and Danny tells Charlotte they will pick it up next period.

Danny and Charlotte meets again, but this time, with a guitar. Skipper comes from behind and asks Danny to pick a card, but gets it wrong again. Danny apologizes for the interruptions, but then Tiffany comes from behind and recites the alphabet backwards again, but only gets to "W". Toejam comes and says that he changes his mind on the clarinet. He starts pounding on a snare drum, loudly. Finally, Charlotte starts singing and playing her guitar as Danny signs along, attracting everyone in the halls.

Tiffany finally gets the alphabet down and recites it perfectly, but no one was around anymore to witness the success. Tiffany then says that she might just go back to hand modeling.


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