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It starts Syed and Suresh were doing squats after being booked by Wai Chong. He becomes stressed and tired of booking them for breaking the rules. The both of them closes their ears and not listening to his lecture but once he sees them closing their ears, Wai Chong pulls their ears and bring additional ear squats about 100 times. Wai Chong goes to the locker and wants to bring the book out of his locker to read while they're doing ear squats. Syed and Suresh saids to Wai Chong to not open the locker because it's filled with ping pong balls but suddenly he didn't listen and sees a lot of ping pong balls falling from his locker. Syed and Suresh now runs away then Wai Chong chases them.

In the second free period, Suresh was at the hallway corridor and Syed runs to Suresh and talks until Luna came. She accuses and questions of their doings. The both of them laughs at Luna because her hand is sticked to her lunch box. Luna is going to report to Wai Chong of their doings but they become confused how they can do it. Luna shouts Wai Chong and the rule-breaking students Syed and Suresh tries to run away but Wai Chong in front of them and becomed cornered. Wai Chong saids he founds them and she reports to them. The both of them tries to sneak out but once he calls their names. Until he goes to them, He despitely saids 'Congratulations' to them because they're about to become probationary prefects. They suddenly become confused of his sayings and Suresh saids how did they can possibly qualify to become prefects. Syed stops his questioning and he said the most important thing is that they can become prefects. Wai Chong gives the rules and punishments book to the both of them and ask them to memorize all the rules and punishments. Syed salutes after the books was given and walks away. Luna is confused and think he's crazy to let them go just like that. Despite letting them go, he only lets them go because his tactic is 'Reverse Psychology' to make them become prefects so they wouldn't break rules again. He laughs and walks away too. After that, she said her last question if the tactic will work. Then she runs to Wai Chong to help her hand get unstuck.

In the next day first school period, the both of them are at the corridor and Syed becomes happy to show it to Amirah and Wai Chong appears upon them. He said they reach early and become impressed. Syed is really happy for Wai Chong and said they're promised to won't let Wai Chong down and become the best prefects. Wai Chong said they can't become the best prefects because it only belongs to Wai Chong. He once that said they must master all the duties of the school. The first duty is to always book a rule-breaking student. Faiz was shuffling at the corridor but being spotted by Wai Chong and grabs their attention to the prefects. Suresh stops him and said the rule 'No shuffling in the hallway'. When he's about to say the punishment but got confused and dosen't know what the punishment is. Start to get Wai Chong dismay. They think about it but once Syed says the punishment, it was no coming to school for a month. Much to Faiz's happiness and Wai Chong's dismay. Faiz suddenly disappears and is unproud of them for punish Faiz whatever they like because there are punishments in the rules book. He ask if they already memorize it and repeat one more time but give no response to Wai Chong. Much to more gaining his dismay.

In the second day free time period, Luna appears to Wai Chong and he feels disappointed and losing his mind because of the boys. He become crazy because they haven't memorize the rules for a day, week and month. Luna convinces and persuaded him to stop making them become prefects. Wai Chong feels she's right and thinks to abandon the tactic or psychology for them. Then suddenly Syed and Suresh appears and says that they already memorized the school rules. Luna said by do not tease him. But once Syed says a few rules to Suresh for the answer. Wai Chong brings the last question of the Rule 666A, paragraph 10. They answered and got Wai Chong become impressed and cried while holding them tightly.

In the final period, the prefects are still at the hallway