As the Bell Rings Wiki
Name Syed
Gender Male
Age 15
Occupation Student
Introduced In Nafas Durian/Durian Breath
Portrayed By Juzzthin

Syed is SM Jalan Mas's prankster, thus nicknaming him, The Jokester. He is a loveable class clown who is always ready to pull a prank or crack a joke. When he is not planning a prank, he will either play computer games or watching funny videos on the computer.

In Season 1, he usually tends to hang out with Johan a lot before Johan was transferred to a sports school in Season 2. He tends to hang out more with Faiz and Suresh. He also befriends Adam, the new kid in school who appeared in Season 2. He has a huge crush on Amirah.


Syed is usually seen wearing a white collared shirt with his name tag and the school's badge on the left pocket, yellow tie, a pair of dark green pants and a pair of white school shoes. He has curly black-brownish hair.


  • Amirah
  • Playing pranks or crack a joke on his friends
  • Playing football


  • He is the only character to appear on all episodes.