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Slacker Girl
Slaker Girl.png
Air Date October 05, 2007
Prod Number 107
Episode Number 7

Slacker Girl is the 7th episode in Season 1 (U.S.). Brooke gets a "B" in class and decides not to work anymore and goes goth.


Charlotte walks up to Toejam and asks him if he's ready for his big "date" with Brooke. Toejam says it's not a date and it's just a "Study Debut". Brooke walks up dressed like a goth. They ask her what happened. They find out that she got her first "B" in class and that her original look was goth. She says that she feels "right" that way. Toejam asks her if they still have the study session and she says no and that she just wants to finish a poem, which she reads out loud: "All I can see, is a ring of darkness surrounding me." Charlotte says that it might just be her eyeliner. Brooke tells them that there is no reason to be a poser.

Toejam walks up to Charlotte trying to look goth-like. Charlotte says that he should just walk around with a pillow case saying, "Trick-or-tweet". Brooke comes back normal and says the B was a mistake. She asks if she saw Toejam and that the date is back up and who is Charlotte's new friend. She says that his name is Spike. Toejam goes to change back, but Charlotte stops him and tells him, "Happy Halloween". Toejam says, "BOO!"



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