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Skipper's Away
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Air Date February 16, 2009
Prod Number 217
Episode Number 32

Skipper's Away is the 17th episode in Season 2 (US). Skipper realizes that he likes Lexi.


Lexi and Skipper are talking in the hall. Lexi says that she can't believe someone would go so far to ask someone out on a date. They go into a flashback. Skipper chained himself to the lockers and says that he won't give anyone the keys until Tiffany goes out with him. Everyone leaves and Skipper says that he lost the keys. Skipper says he ddin't get any attention except from the firemenand the Jaws of Life. Lexi says that it's sweet and romantic and any girl would be lucky to go out with a guy like him. Skipper tells Toejam that he likes Lexi. Skipper says that Lexi was right in front of his face the whole time like his nose. Toejam asks if Tiffany notices. Skipper says that he chained himself in front of her locker and she still didn't notice. Toejam says that that wasn't her locker. Skipper says that he knows now. Toejam, Lexi, and Skipper are in the hall. Skipper tells Lexi a joke and Lexi says he's funny. Lexi leaves as Skipper runs after her. Toejam goes up to Tiffany and says that she's going pretty well with this. Tiffany is confused. Toejam tells her that Skipper likes Lexi now. Tiffany says that would explain why he stopped following her to all her classes. Toejam says that Skipper enjoys the attention from Lexi. Tiffany says, "Detention, huh...I'll show him detention". Toejam says it's attention. Tiffany says that she'll show him that too. Tiffany had chained herself to what she thought was Skipper's locker. Tiffany says that she does now. Toejam says that he'll go get the Jaws of Life and walks off, but sees Skipper tied to the lockers as well. He says wow and walks off. Tiffany smiles at Skipper and Skipper smiles back.



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