Shakespeare High School Musical
Shakespeare High School Musical
Air Date
Prod Number 202
Episode Number 26

Shakespeare High School Musical is an episode in Season 2.


The episode starts with Emma talking to Dylan on how their school has never has a musical before. Dylan replies on how he can be the male part, but the problem is there's no one for the female part. He wants to find someone attractive, but with a good singing voice. Emma thinks Dylan will choose her, until he replies that he will help him find the girl. Emma replies, while clenching her teeth that she will find that girl. Dylan asks if she is fine and Emma replies that she is 'peachy' and leaves. Dylan talks to the viewer that he thought that Emma was in a 'mood'. There is a thud and Dylan gets startled.

The next scene shows the end of Bip's and Lucy's audition. Emma says that the two are great and is confused how Bip made the rabbit disappear, Bip replies that it is in his hat in looks in it. Dylan says that they are great but the play is a musical and asks if the both of them can sing and reply no. Emma says next the the pair leave. Reece appears and starts to sing off-key and both Emma and Dylan shout next right away and Reece leaves disappointed. Rocky comes long with a blue hat and taps shoes and starts to dance. After is finishes Emma is impressed and Dylan asks if she can sing. Rocky replies with no and while disappointed, says next and Rocky stomps off.

Bella comes in and Dylan greets her and asks her if she will audition. Bella replies and says that she doesn't need to try-out since she always get the lead role and says she will see him at practice and leaves. Dylan says he does not want her to have role and wishes he could find another person, Emma angily groans and says it's nothing when Dylan wonders what she had said.

It is time for practice and Dylan wonders where Bella is. Bella and Lucy come ten minutes late, in golden clothes. Dylan asks why are they late and Bella replies what are they late for (forgetting about practice). Bella says that she has to check with her assisant (Lucy) and that all stars have one. Lucy says that she has "Hair and Make-Up" at 1:00 P.M, at 1:15 P.M, and looking at herself from 2:00 - Lunchtime. Lucy says there's no rehearsal there and that they have to have an appointment and leaves. Lucy says she only has time on Fridays and then leaves. Dylan and Emma imitate them saying "Ciao".

Dylan tells Emma with Bella doesn't come, he will give the girl's part to Reece. Bella and Lucy come and Bella says that they should hurry up and doesn't have all day. Emma gives Bella her part. Dylan starts to sing and when Bella sings, she is singing loudly off-key, with dogs howling in the background, Dylan stops playing and Emma looks out the window. Dylan asks what was that and Bella replies that she had never sung before. Dylan says that she always gets the lead and Bell replies that she has never done a musical before. Dylan says that Bella is fired from her part and Bella says he will be hearing from her agent and leaves. Lucy asks why can't get Emma to sing because she has a good voice, then leaves. Dylan asks why she didn't say anything and she angily groans.

Dylan tells Emma that he is nervous about the play and singing in front of people. And Emma says it's easy if you don't get nervous. Dylan starts to sing As the Bell Rings while the rest of the cast come in and dance along



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