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Sekolah Zombi
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Air Date
Prod Number 201
Episode Number 1

Sekolah Zombi is 1st episode of Waktu Rehat's second season. Syed and Suresh wakes up to find their school being infested by zombies.


Syed and Suresh are being sentenced to wear a huge sign that writes" Saya Takkan Tidur Dalam Kelas" (I will not fall asleep in class) for constantly sleeping in class but the duo were sleeping as a log and they didn't realize that Faiz decided to pull a prank on them by putting bows on their heads. Kieran passes by, saw what Faiz is doing and laughs. Luna and Anding passes by and laughs as well when they saw Syed and Suresh. As Faiz is putting a bow on Suresh's head, Suresh wakes up and askes what is he doing. Faiz quickly replied saying he didn't do anything and disappears, leaving the duo.

Suresh wakes Syed up and Wai Chong quickly appeared as the duo quickly stands up, fining them for breaking the 17F rule. Wai Chong askes why the two of them keep falling asleep and Suresh explains that he didn't manage to get enough sleep due to playing a zombie game after being introduced by Syed. Wai Chong starts to nag at them by saying that nighttime is for revising and sleeping, not playing video games. A thunder was heard and Wai Chong quickly left to bring down the flags. Syed wishes that the school will be infested by zombies so that they can chase zombies the whole day. Suresh replies that his wish is ridiculous and invites Syed to go to the canteen to eat but was interrupted by a blackout.

The two got even more scared when they saw their friends as zombies, dancing in the hallway and smelt a human. As the zombies split up to find the humans, Syed and Suresh popped out from their hiding place and Suresh scolded Syed for making that wish. Suresh has an idea and applies paint on the both of them so that they can fit in with the zombies. A zombified Luna and Wai Chong appeared, asking if they see any humans. Suresh and Syed denies but Luna stated that she can smell it strongly. Syed whispers to Suresh that he never took a bath for a week, leaving Suresh shocked until the zombies discovered that they are humans not zombies. To make matters worse, Syed accidentally made a werewolf noise instead of a zombie one, exposing them that they are in fact, humans.

The duo screamed as the zombies surrounded them, without realizing it was just a dream. Luna and Wai Chong shakes them so that they could wake up. The duo woke up and realizes it was all just a dream, not real. Wai Chong shook his head, nagging them about playing video games all night long. Suresh vowed that he will never play that game again but invited Syed to the canteen. As they turned, they saw their reflection in the mirror, carried by two students and saw their zombified reflections.








Wai Chong

School Rule[]

Rule 17F - Wearing too many hair accessories


Syed: Er, Suresh... Aku seminggu tak mandi!

Suresh: Huh? Seminggu tak mandi!?

(Zombified Wai Chong and Luna turns and Syed howls)

Suresh: Eh! Itu serigala jadian la! Kita ni zombi!

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