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Air Date August 09, 2008
Prod Number 204
Episode Number 19

Muscles is the 4th episode in Season 2 (US). Skipper has trouble helping Tiffany open a jar. Skipper must work out to impress her.


Tiffany comes up to Skipper and Toejam and asks Skipper to help her open a jar. Skipper tries and tries but cannot do it. Toejam takes the jar and pops it open with ease. Tiffany thanks him and leaves. Skipper tells Toejam that Tiffany now thinks that he is a weakling. Toejam tells him that he is a weakling. Skipper says that he knows that and Toejam knows that. Danny walks past and says that he knows it too. Skipper says that Tiffany didn't need to know that. Toejam says that girls like strong guys and tells him to work out. Skipper agrees. Skipper jogs around the school with Toejam leading him. Skipper does one sit-up and one push-up.

Days later, Skipper is able to do 10 sit-ups.

Skipper walks up to Tiffany and Brooke and asks if she needs help opening the jar. Tiffany says that she's go it and that she needs help on her algebra homework. Skipper flexes his muscle. Brooke quickly interferes and tells Tiffany that x=27. Tiffany says Brooke is so smart, says thanks, and leaves. Skipper tells Brooke that Tiffany now thinks that he's not smart. He says that Brooke knows it and he knows it. Danny walks by and says that he knows it too. Skipper says that Danny knows everything and Brooke tells him that it's time for him to study more. Skipper agrees.



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