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Waktu Rehat is the guest star of Episode.

Season 1[]

  • Nik - He is usually seen in the corridor during the show, and it is revealed at the end of the episode "Brotherly Love" that he is Julie's boyfriend. It was played by Ahmad Ezzrin Loy.
  • Alam - A great shuffler who teaches Anding shuffling moves in return for Anding's help in his school science project in the episode "The Shuffle Champion". His tagline is "word" whenever he wanted to express his opinion.
  • Pak Syukor - A ghostly spirit which believed to be the school guardian by some of the students, it is believed that he knows every answer for everything in the episode "Haunted Help".
  • Lina - A cousin of Luna who appeared in the episode "Nice Luna, Naughty Luna", a member of the Girl Scouts, as indicated by her extracurricular uniform. It is revealed in that episode that she is rather mischievous compare to her nice cousin. It was played by Tengku Iezahdiyana herself using split-screen photography.
  • Atan bin Awang - A new student in the S.M. Jalan Mas in the episode "The Bully", who had been possibly transferred to the school due to his previous bad record. He had harassed most of the characters by beating some of them and writing slurs at their back. He has a small squeaky tone of voice despite his sheer size.
  • Atan's Mom - Was being called to the principal's office due to her son's behaviour, possibly among few people that Atan is afraid of.
  • Azza - A possible new student of the S.M. Jalan Mas, which reported to be a part- model from London who had worked in the various international catwalk runaways and a cousin of Malaysian Teen idol, Juliana Evans. The character was portrayed by Juliana Evans herself.
  • Azahari - A handsome new student in the S.M. Jalan Mas, which Amirah, Luna and Mindy is excited upon seeing him by the end of the episode "Gossip". Azahari was portrayed by Malaysian Popstar, Dafi.

Season 2[]

  • G - A student from SM Bukit Gangsa (Bronze Hill Secondary School) who is reputed to be more cunning than the mischievous Faiz, she is the first girl whom Faiz may have a crush upon. She was portrayed by Malaysian actress, Sara Ali.