Ladies Man
Ladies Man
Air Date October 30, 2007
Prod Number 110
Episode Number 10

Ladies Man is the 10th episode in Season 1 (U.S.). Skipper reads a book on how to talk to girls and tries to talk to Tiffany.


Danny walks up to Toejam and asks if he had seen Skipper. Toejam says no and they both hear him talking to a group of girls. Toejam didn't believe it and said that they are in a different universe. Skipper says eh read a book. Now Toejam really thinks they are in a different universe. Danny reads the cover of the book: "How to Talk to Girls". Danny and Toejam watches as Skipper goes up to a random girl and says that he could swim in her eyes. They say that it is awesome, because now, he could get any girl in the school. Skipper says that he could if every girl was Tiffany. They go back to a flashback when Skipper was trying to talk to Tiffany but all he said was, "Uhh...uhh...uhh...uhh...uhh...uhh...uhh...uhh..." Skipper says that he can actually talk to her this time and to watch and learn, as Tiffany walks up. Skipper says, "Uhh," and runs away. Toejam says that it is more like "crash and burn".


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