Ladder, Dudes
Ladder, Dudes.png
Air Date September 21, 2007
Prod Number 106
Episode Number 6

Ladder Dudes is the 6th episode in Season 1 (U.S.). Toejam and Skipper helps Danny ask out Charlotte by hanging outside the school walls on a ladder.


Toejam and Skipper are hanging outside the school walls on ladders, trying to help Danny ask Charlotte out. They say to copy whatever they say. Charlotte walk in. Skipper tells him to tell Charlotte that her dress looks nice. Danny tells her, but she says that she is not wearing a dress. Danny says that he means that she would look good in a dress. They tell him to tell her her hair is beautiful and he does. Skipper says that a bird just pooped on his shoe. As Danny leaned over to hear what they say, Toejam says that that is disgusting. Charlotte says that she thought he just said he like her hair. Danny says that he does. Skipper tries to get Toejam to help him, but Toejam says to leave him alone. Danny tells Charlotte to leave him alone. Charlotte says that she should go back to class. Toejam tries to shush Skipper. Skipper says that Toejam's breath stinks. Danny tells Charlotte that her breath stinks. Charlotte says that maybe she should go get some gum. Toejam tells Skipper to get away from him and Danny tells Charlotte to get away from him. Charlotte says fine, says he's acting really weird and walks away. Danny calls her back. Danny says sorry and says he will start over. Danny takes a deep breath and asks her if she would go on a date with him. Charlotte says yeah. Danny says that he'll see her later. Charlotte says goodbye to Danny and asks if her breath really stinks. Danny says no. She looks over the window, saying goodbye to Skipper and Toejam. Danny looks at them, angry. They say that it worked.



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