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King of School
King of School.jpg
Air Date
Prod Number 103
Episode Number 3

King of School is the 3rd episode in As the Bell Rings (Singapore). Wee Chong dreams about himself being the king of the school.


Wee Chong looks through his student companion book as Aziz and Jamie pops up from nowhere. Wee Chong asks the two why he can't move his feet. They tell him that it was because they glued his feet to the floor and then they leave.

Aziz and Jamie comes back later and apologizes to Wee Chong for how they glued his feet to the ground. They apologized because they got punished and they said that they think it is time that he should be their new leader. They helped Wee Chong get un-stucked. Lizzie comes and asks Wee Chong if he would go out to eat sushi for her birthday. They all look up in the air and Wee Chong realizes that it is a dream. They all nod.

Ying Ying and Jackie start laughing besides the statue. Wee Chong comes and yells at them for laughing. Ying Ying gives an excuse that Jackie just told a lame joke. Then he told them to go to Responsible Thinking class. Wee Chong gives Jackie a book in case he forgets the rules. He says that he will make two more books and sell it in a box set with a free picture of himself and also release it on DVD. Ying Ying says that she has a crush on Wee Chong and that she wants to be his queen. Wee Chong says that he already have a queen, which is Lizzie. Wee Chong leaves them and the girls talk about how great he is. Lizzie realizes that she doesn't care if it is his dream and doesn't want to be queen because she is the princess. She says that she has a plan.

Wee Chong and Lizzie walks out as King and Queen as Wee Chong announces that they only have to study one textbook, which is the one written by him. Everyone boos. Wee Chong asks if it is his dream. Lizzie says that it was his dream and removes his crown and says that it is his nightmare. Jamie and Aziz glues his feet to the floor. He panics and wakes up, realizing that Jamie and Aiziz was drawing on his face. He then asks them to nominate him as emperor of the school. Jamie and Aziz leave and everyone else starts throwing paper balls at him as he falls to the floor.


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