Name Kieran
Gender Female
Age 23
Occupation Student
Portrayed By Sharon Alaina Stephen

Kieran is the gang's Tomboy. She is a tomboyish girl who loves sports and a good challenge. She is the school's taekwondo champ and is always found practicing her moves, especially on the boys. Kieran is incredibly strong and sometimes forgets how strong she was, resulting in injuring some students. Her best friend is Mindy.

In Season 2, she is appointed as the School Sports Captain after Johan has moved to a sports school and was the first girl to have that position. She is determined to aggressively implement a healthy lifestyle for all students of SM Jalan Mas.

In Oh My English Season 3, she made an appearance as a minor character, bearing the same name in an episode titled, Zack to the Future.


Kieran is usually seen wearing a red headband and sports attire. In Season 2, she wears the same outfit with a red and white jacket, showing that she is the School Sports Captain. When practicing her taekwondo moves, she is seen wearing her taekwondo outfit.


Kieran dislikes girly clothes and behaviour, who prefers to be active in sports and keeping fit. She does not like the boys teasing her or pulling pranks on her, particularly Syed and Faiz. Sometimes she can be overly competitive, to the point she would do anything to secure her victory.

Although she is strong and tough on the outside, she has irrational fears, particularly on her competitors have an edge over her, or threats that she is not a great sporst captain.


  • Sports
  • Challenges
  • Practising her taekwondo moves, especially on the boys.
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