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Juliana Julie Hamzah
Name Juliana Julie Hamzah
Gender Female
Age 13
Occupation Student
Portrayed By Farhanna Qismina

Juliana (Julie) Hamzah is the school's librarian and Johan's younger sister. She loves reading teen fiction and romance stories. She dreams that one day, her prince will look just like Nick Jonas. Julie often helps her friends and her elder brother out.

She is also the junior reporter for the school bulletin who can get to the point of meddling in the stories she covers as she tends to "nudge" her stories to happy endings. She has a boyfriend named Nik which is shown in the episode, Abang Oh Abang.


Unlike most of the students, Julie wears a tan vest over her shirt and a tan knee-length skirt as her uniform. She wears a ponytail and leaves a straight bang in the front.


  • Reading teen fiction and romance stories
  • Shopping


  • Julie replaces the role of Mindy as the school reporter since season 2, but she posts her stories on the school website instead of the bulletin.
  • Julie also trained as a gymnast when she was younger, but she is unable to perform well due to stage fright.