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Johan Hamzah
Name Johan Hamzah
Gender Male
Age 16
Occupation Student
Introduced In Nafas Durian/Durian Breath
Portrayed By Nik Adruce

Johan Hamzah is the School Sports Captain and the elder brother of Julie. He loves to help his friends whenever they are in trouble and looks for mischief together with his two best friends, Faiz and Syed. Besides being the School Sports Captain, he is also the Captain of the Red House team and the football team. He loves to play football and animals but suffers from severe blattodephobia (a fear of cockroaches).

He was transferred to a sports school in Season 2.


Johan wears a dark blue and white jacket to indicate that he is the School Sports Captain with a blue t-shirt inside it, long black sport pants and white shoes. He has a short, spiky black hair.


  • Playing football
  • Animals (except cockroaches)


  • Intro: Waktu Rehat Season 1

Season 1

  • Nafas Durian/Durian Breath
  • Cinderella
  • Abang Oh Abang/Brotherly Love
  • Selamat Harijadi/Birthday Surprise
  • Resepi Rahsia Suresh/Suresh's Secret Recipe
  • Amnesia
  • Hidup Sihat/Let's Get Fit
  • Rakan Bowling/Bowling Buddies
  • Mesin Ahli Nujum/Fortune Teller
  • Pertolongan Pak Syukor/Haunted Help
  • Gerhana/Solar Eclipse
  • Kaki Buli/The Bully
  • Gosip/Gossip