If I Had a Million
If I Had a Million
Air Date April 5, 2009
Prod Number 220
Episode Number 35

If I Had a Million is the 20th episode in Season 2 (US). The children imagine what it would be like to have a Million Dollars.

Synopsis Edit

Skipper walks up to Brooke and Toejam and asks Toejam if he could borrow 5 bucks. Toejam says that he thought that he was going to stop borrowing money. Skipper agrees and turns to Brooke and asks her. Brooke says that he is always borrowing money from everyone and asks what he is always spenging it on. Then Skipper says that he has no idea. They go into a flashback with him in a flower costume going up to Charlotte and Danny. And then there is also him in the artist costume, the knight costume, Kipper, bald guy in alien suit, scuba diving suit, dancing clothes, his "bad boy" costume, his suit, his hall monitor and trash can costume, his work out clothes, his Elvis costume, his Mexican clothing, eagle costume, butler suit, and a fake fish. Skipper then admits that he has a problem and that it would be great if he had a Million dollars. Brooke says that that could surely buy alot of costumes. Skipper says that she is not helping. Toejam says that he knows what he's going to do with a Million dollars. Toejam imagines himself at the hall when a car pulls up in the hall and takes him to Biology class. Brooke says that he gives a whole new meaning to the word, lazy. Toejam asks Brooke what she's going to do with a Million Dollars. Brooke says that she will tell them, so Skipper and Toejam look away to prepare for an imagination, but Brooke says that she's just going to tell them. She says that she will donate most of the money for a library. Toejam asks what she would do with the rest. She says that she's going to fill the library with books. Toejam says that she gives a whole new meaning to the word, boring. She asks Skipper what he would do. He goes into an imagination where there are a lot of Tiffany robots saying, I love Skipper. They call them Tiff Bots. Brooke and Toejam leave as the bell rings and Skipper keeps smiling.


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