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Pertolongan Pak Syukor
Pak syukor.png
Air Date November 13, 2010
Prod Number 112
Episode Number 12

Pertolongan Pak Syukor is the 12th episode in Season 1 of Waktu Rehat. Syed and Suresh fall for Johan's prank to ask a "resident" ghost for the answers to their upcoming History test.


Johan wanted Syed and Suresh to play a game of football with him but they refused politely since they need to study for their upcoming History test with Anding. Johan reveals that he actually has an easy way to score their upcoming History test, which attracted Syed and Suresh's attention. He said that there is a "resident" ghost named Pak Syukor who knows everything and anything and agreed with the two to coming to school tonight to ask the answers from the ghost. Mindy who heard everything decided to investigate as well.

That night, Suresh, Syed and Johan were at school and were asked to close their eyes while Johan begins his prank to scared the two of them by using the speaker to ask them to hold their hands together while singing "Nenek-nenek Si Bongok Tiga" (Old Hunchback Granny) and later, were asked to sing again while acting like an old witch. As they were singing and acting, Johan sneakily placed a skeleton taken from the Biology lab in front of them and when opened their eyes, Syed and Suresh ran away in fear. Johan laughs at them since his prank succeeded but was later terrified by Mindy who was secretly watching everything behind the door.

The next day, Mindy's article about the incident last night was published and Syed and Suresh were very angry at Johan for playing a trick on them. As Johan was being chased by Syed and Suresh, Anding appeared giving an advice towards the audience. After finishing his advice, he heard a voice and runs away in fear.  


School Rule[]




  • The shirt Syed wore in the school at night also appears in the music video of Generasiku, during the stage scene, by the cast themselves.

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