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Mesin Ahli Nujum
Air Date September 26, 2010
Prod Number 111
Episode Number 11

Mesin Ahli Nujum is the 11th episode in Season 1 of Waktu Rehat. Anding makes a fortune telling machine named Luna Too.


Anding was practicing his speech when suddenly Luna appeared from the library and greets him. Shocked and surprised, Anding quickly pretends that he is teaching Suresh about the lunar eclipse to hide his embarassment. He wonders how he wanted to avoid from being embarassed in front of Luna and suddenly has an idea to make a machine that can fortell the future named Luna Too. The next day, he tests it on Syed and Johan, which Luna Too replied that they will pass with flying colours. Wai Chong appeared, going to fine Syed and Johan for being too noisy when he suddenly heard the machine talking to him, thanks to Johan's question as he and Syed make a run for it. 

Wai Chong does not believe that Luna Too is able to predict the future, so Anding asks her what is the Principal going to do later. After looking at the results, Wai Chong was impressed and takes away Luna Too from Anding with an excuse to check if it is okay to bring it to school with an intention to fine students before they are going to break the rules. Wai Chong fines Faiz because according to Luna Too, he is going to shuffle but it turns out that Faiz is shuffling back the papers for the girl he ran into later. Wai Chong decided to give Luna Too another chance and fines Suresh later for dirtying the school walls. Puzzled, Suresh stated he didn't even make the school walls dirty until he accidentally splattered his ice-cream on the wall. Wai Chong stated Luna Too was right but Suresh was upset and said that if Wai Chong never gave the disciplinary note to him, dirtying the school walls wouldn't happen and angrily leaves Wai Chong, who just realized Suresh was right.

Anding came back for Luna Too and asks if Luna likes the red flowers in which Luna Too replied yes. As Syed and Johan are busying writing the Mathematics formula on their hands, they were surprised by Wai Chong and quickly replied that they are just actually studying. When Wai Chong asked Luna Too how did Syed and Johan are able to pass with flying colours, it tells that they will pass by cheating. Johan quickly tries to pull Luna Too from Wai Chong and changes the subject until Anding comes, snatching Luna Too away from them and asks angrily why did Luna rejected his flowers. Luna Too replied that she didn't say that Luna will like them and laughs while mocking them. Feeling angry, Anding throws the fortune teller out from the window and leaves Johan, Syed and Wai Chong staring at the broken Luna Too. As Syed and Johan wiped their foreheads in relief, Wai Chong notices the Mathematics formula on their hands and quickly chase them.


School Rules[]



Anding: Luna Too, apakah yang akan dilakukan oleh  pengetua sekarang?

Luna Too: Jerit nama Suresh.

Pengetua: SURESH!

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