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Flower Day
Flower Day.png
Air Date August 26, 2007
Prod Number 101
Episode Number 1

Flower Day is the 1st episode in Season 1 (U.S.). It's "Flower Day" at school, and Charlotte and Danny wants to give each other flowers, but they are both afraid that the other won't give them a flower.


The episode starts out with Danny telling Toejam and Skipper that he might give Charlotte a flower for Flower Day. Skipper tells Danny that if Charlotte doesn't give him a flower, it would make him look bad. Toejam goes into a flashback when Skipper, on Valentine's Day, dressed as cupid and gave Tiffany a huge, heart card and she didn't give anything back. Danny agrees with Skipper, and Skipper thinks of a plan to find out if Charlotte is getting Danny a flower.

Charlotte tells Brooke and Tiffany that she is thinking of giving Danny a flower. Tiffany describes Flower Day as a day when popular people give each other flowers. Just then, people come up to her and gives her flowers. Then they talk about how it would be nice if they knew if Danny is getting Charlotte a flower. Then, Skipper, dressed up as a janitor, walks up to those girls to try to find out, but he almost gave away his identity when he knew all their names. He identifies himself as "Kipper".

Toejam, Brooke, Tiffany, and Skipper meet and they told Skipper that he should've just asked. Then the guys ask the girls if Charlotte is getting Danny a flower and they say that it depends if Danny is giving her a flower. They ask the guys if Danny is getting Charlotte a flower, and they also said that it depends. They come up with the plan to tell both of them that they are giving each other flowers so that they will get each other flowers.

Skipper tells Danny that Charlotte is getting him a flower and Brooke tells Charlotte, so Danny goes over to the stand, but finds that all the flowers are sold out. Skipper says that he has yet, another plan. Then Charlotte and Brooke walk into the scene where they too, find it all sold out. Brooke says that she has a plan.

Danny and Charlotte meet and they tell each other that they didn't buy each other flowers. Charlotte then gives Danny her back up flower, made of tissue paper. Danny says that her backup flower is better that his. Just then, Skipper jumps into the scene, dressed as a flower.

Brooke and Skipper are in the hall when the janitor walks by. Skipper says hello to him and refers to him as "Uncle Kipper".


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