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Cinta Pertama
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Air Date
Prod Number 211
Episode Number 11

Cinta Pertama is 11th episode of Waktu Rehat. Faiz tries find new love name G.


The beginning is that it is Amirah's birthday and all male students are lined up to give the presents to Amirah. Syed shows up and make a grief face to find his present. Faiz surprised and give the present to Syed. Syed comes to Amirah and give the present to Amirah that was bought by Faiz. Syed says 'many happy returns of the day' to Amirah. Amirah asks what's in the present and admit that she have to gives up getting presents from all the male students because they have no creativity and despitely just to only gives chocolates and flowers to her (including Syed) to flirt Amirah to become their girlfriend. She then puts the presents and ignores Syed. She sighs herself for all the presents she has got.

In the second period, Suresh is walking around until he saw Syed. He comes to Syed and trying to make him look at it. Syed speaks unhappily because of his gift to Amirah. Suresh saids that he has Chef Wan's Signature that was signed on it because of the student in SM Bukit Gangsa and way better than Faiz. He said they can get anything what they want. Syed wants a better gift than the previous gift. He wrote the number on Syed's hand and get him to call G.

In the third period, Amirah is holding a portrait that was signed' For Amirah, Love Syed. Suresh, Anding and Amirah are looking at the portrait. Syed questions if she likes it. She admits that she likes it very much. The portrait was a different type of look booth on same face. She brings the portrait to go and show it to Luna. When she gone, Syed admits that G is way better than Faiz but unfortunately Faiz overhears them while talking about G. Anding wants to order a gift for Luna and ask the name. They said the student's name is G. After they walked away, Faiz finds the reputation to whack G. Then Amirah reappears and disappeared again to show the gift to Luna.

In the after school period, Anding was waiting for G with the present. Then G appears and gives the present to Anding without a word. Anding gets the present, gave the money and walked away but Faiz shows behind G to whack the student. G was about to run away but he grab G's jacket head and reveals her face. He finds out that G is a girl after revealing her face. He holds her hand and she let go of his hand. He picks up G's shade glasses that it was dropped after the reveal. Then he smiles.

In the next day first period, the four of them gather together to know that Faiz want to be in G's number and ask for what to do with G. Faiz brings out the shades that she dropped and said he dosen't whack girls. They also found out that G is a girl too and desperately to know if Faiz wants to be a couple with G. But Faiz saids the oppositing word that he will be single forever. The three of them wants to have G's shades but Faiz wouldn't give it.

To be continued.







School Rule[]


Faiz:Tak Tak jauh langsung. Yes!! (Faiz Dance His Shuffle but Syed, Anding and Suresh here)

Syed: Oh Adikanda! (record needle scratches) Jangan Pergi Ke Sembang.

Anding : Ke Utara Sanggup Saya Jelajahi.

Suresh: Demi Cinta (Suresh in Middle with Syed and Anding's arm shape heart)

Faiz: Korang Kena Aku Wek! JAGA KORANG!! (All Scream) (Faiz chase them in hallway school)

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