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Name Faiz
Gender Male
Age 17
Occupation Student
Introduced In Season 1
Portrayed By Addy Ashraf

Faiz is portrayed by Addy Ashraf in Waktu Rehat.


Faiz has dark hair and tan skin and is one of the taller students in the cast of Waktu Rehat. He is most often seen in his school uniform and trademark red jacket which are sometimes coupled with a cap and shades. This gives him a rather "cool image" which he is highly proud of.


Faiz is cheerful, easy-going, somewhat mischievous and ultimately, a good friend, as seen when he always tries to help his friends when they are in trouble, (though not all the time do his plans work out), this makes him quite popular in school. Faiz is reputed as "the guy who can get you anything" and is often seek out by students for birthday presents for their sweethearts or items for their pranks. He is "The Street Smart Shuffler" and is usually seen shuffling in the corridor, causing Wai Chong to punish him for breaking the rules. His best friends are Syed and Johan, with whom he sometimes cooperate with to play pranks on people, though he always manages to get away whilst Johan and Syed fail to act as fast when Wai Chong appears. His tagline is "Time to disappear" whenever he wants to sneak away from trouble and/or escape from Wai Chong's punishment.

Love Interest[]

At the start of the series, Faiz does not appear to have a crush or date whatsoever compared to Syed (who likes Amirah) and Anding (who has a crush on Luna), having claimed to be "Faiz, single for life".

At season 2, however, Faiz falls hard for a student named "G" who is enrolled at SM Bukit Gangsa and who is also reputed to be even more cunning than the mischievous Faiz. Faiz overhears Syed, Suresh and Anding talking about how she was "a hundred times better than Faiz" and angrily confronted her after she delivered Luna's present to Anding. G attempts to escape but Faiz grabs her hood, causing her to drop her shades and revealing that she was a girl. Stunned, Faiz falls for G immediately but G wrenches her hand out of his grip and runs away. The next day, Faiz requests for G's number and Syed immediately thinks that Faiz wanted to whack "him". Not knowing that Syed, Suresh and Anding were oblivious of G's gender, Faiz protests that he would never hit a girl, causing the surprised trio to realize so. They immediately start teasing an embarrassed Faiz for wanting her number but Faiz stated that he merely wanted to return her her shades, and talk to her about business,though this lie does not stop the boys from teasing him, causing him to get even more embarrassed and exasperated. Faiz finally acquires G's number from Anding and practices many times on how to ask G out, only for G to interrupt him halfway through, much to his shock and embarrassment. In the end, he finally confesses to G that he likes her, much to G's surprise, but G reveals to him that she will be tranferring to a boarding school in Seremban next week, much to a heartbroken Faiz's dismay. Still, G smiles at Faiz and tells him that "KL and Seremban aren't that far apart" and leaves, to which Faiz responds happily and starts shuffling, though he is interrupted by Syed, Suresh and Anding, who had been spying on him from the start, and immediately starts chasing after them in anger.

In Season 3, a gloomy Faiz comes to school and reveals that G is in love with another guy, causing him to lose his will to shuffle. While the others try to help him by devising plans to get G back, Faiz surprisingly reveals that he didn't want to get G back, seeing as she was happy the way she was, and that if she didn't want to be with him, he wouldn't force her. At the end of the episode, Faiz finally manages to move on.


  • Shuffling
  • Shuffle dance
  • Getting things for students