Name Emma
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Introduced In Season 1
Portrayed By Sydney White

Emma is portrayed by Sydney White in As the Bell Rings (United Kingdom). She is known as the 'The Matchmaker'. Her best friend is Isa, who always overshadow her.

Emma is always trying to fix people's problems but is very afraid of commitment herself. She’s attractive and funny, but lacks self-confidence. She also gets a lot of attention from boys, but she deflects it by fixing them up with other people. If she put as much effort into her appearance like Isa, she would be seen as one of the most attractive girls in the school.

Emma likes to modify and make her own clothes, making her appear Indie chick bordering on hippy. Her favorite music is Indie rock and old singer-songwriters. In season two, Emma become known as 'the rebel' who is in love with Dylan and becomes a rebel bordering rock chick.

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