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Danny Neilson
Name Danny Neilson
Gender Male
Show As the Bell Rings (United States)
Occupation Student
Introduced In Flower Day
Portrayed By Tony Oller

Daniel "Danny" Neilson (played by Tony Oller in As The Bell Rings). Danny is Toejam and Skipper Adamson's best friend. Danny is always focused in music and dreams of becoming a huge pop-star. Danny is a good musician and often writes songs in his spare time. Although he likes music and singing, he never had thought of creating music videos until Lexi inpsired him to do so.

Character Story[]


Danny is one of the main characters. He and Charlotte have a very shy, romantic relationship, as he is often crushing on Charlotte and getting her help. He is the most normal out of the three boys and is best friends with Skipper and Toejam. His talents include singing and songwriting. In Season 2, though dismayed that Charlotte moved, he meets the new girl, Lexi, whom he realizes that he knows from his childhood. Since Charlotte moved away his friends have told him to "move on". Danny uses Lexi to show his friends that he is better off without Charlotte, even though he still has strong feelings for her. Eventually he breaks up with Lexi because he can't truly get over Charlotte's departure.

Romantic Life[]

Charlotte Adams[]

Danny had a crush on Charlotte in the second episode of the first season. He wanted to win her heart, and they began dating in the fifth episode of the first season. Then, the two begin to fight a lot, and break up due to the amount of arguements they had.

Lexi Adams[]

The new girl who arrived after Charlotte's departure, Lexi, would always give him hints that she likes him, but Danny never realized this. His song, Could You Be the One contains lyrics created by Lexi and is also dedicated to her.


  • Many girls are attracted to Danny, but he doesn't take much interest in this.
  • As stated by Lexi, Danny used to take flute lessons when he was younger.