Class Photo
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Air Date November 02, 2008
Prod Number 211
Episode Number 26

Class Photo is the 11th episode in Season 2 (US). It's time to take a class photo, which makes the guys scared. Tiffany gives them tips.


Danny, Skipper, Toejam and Tiffany walk to the window as Toejam says how he hates picture day. Tiffany says that she likes picture day. Danny says that's because she always takes the perfect picture and that they always take horrible ones. Tiffany says it's true. Skipper recalls his picture last year. A flashback comes in the view of the camera where it shows Skipper looking for the camera. At the end, he found the camera just in time for the snap, but he had a funny face. Tiffany asks what is with his sweater and tells him to stop putting goop on his hair. Skipper says it's not goop and checks on the bottle and says that it is goop. Tiffany says let's talk about Toejam's problem. Toejam says he doesn't know what she means. Another flashback comes where Toejam is jumping in front of the camera, which causes him to not fully be in the picture. Toejam says that he might get a little jumpy in front of a camera. Tiffany says that it wasn't jumping and that he was like a kangaroo. Toejam asks what he should do. Tiffany says that he should just be still. Then Tiffany goes to Danny's problem. Another flashback comes where Danny is posing ans says cheese, which ends up very weird. Tiffany says that it will end up good if he just be himself. Tiffany tells Skipper to lose the sweater and the goop and tells Danny to change out of his turtle-neck. Then he refers to Toejam as "jumpy" and tells him to be still. The boys look at her confused, so Tiffany says that she will help them. They bell rings and they go off to take their pictures.

The guys pic up their pictures at the desk. Danny says that he looks pretty nice and Toejam says that he's actually in the picture. Skipper says that a little goop does go good with him. Tiffany comes and picks up her picture. They guys ask her how her picture went. Tiffany looks at her picture and screams. She says that she doesn't look good. Skipper asks what ever happened to being herself. Tiffany says that it takes very long for her to be herself. Her photo is shown on the screen; her hair is messed up and covering her face. Frustrated, Tiffany stomps off.



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