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Charlotte Adams
Name Charlotte Adams
Gender Female
Show As the Bell Rings (United States)
Occupation Student
Introduced In Flower Day
Last Appearence The Geek Squad
Portrayed By Demi Lovato

Charlotte Adams (played by Demi Lovato in As The Bell Rings) is the average girl out of the three, as she is not super smart or too popular. Her talents include playing the guitar, singing, and writing songs. She is best friends with Tiffany Blake and Brooke Nichols. Charlotte has a very thoughtful personality and is friendly to everyone. She is a skilled singer/song writer as seen in talent show, where she is writing the song, Shadow with help from Danny.

Character Story[]


Charlotte is the main female character in the first season. In Ladder Dudes, Danny asks Charlotte out and she happily agrees. Their feelings for each other are constantly shown, although they will never admit it to each other. At the beginning of the second season, Charlotte was said to have simply and suddenly moved away, but it was not revealed to where or why.

Romantic Life[]

Danny Nielson[]

From the first episode onwards we find out that both Danny and Charlotte have feelings for each other as Charlotte is often gets flirting advice from Tiffany. In Ladder Dudes, Danny asks Charlotte out and she happily agrees. It is almost constantly shown of their feelings for each other that they will never admit it to each other. In the first episode the two wish to buy each other a flower on flower day, but want to make sure that the other is getting them one as well. Danny wishes to ask Charlotte to the dance but through a mishap by his friends, it ends up that he goes out with somebody else. In the quiz episode, Danny finds a magazine supposedly filled out by Charlotte and reads that she likes clog dancing. So he learns it to impress her, but it later turns out that her mom filled it out. Her departure left Danny deeply saddened and upset.


Charlotte only appeared in the first season and not in the second due to Demi Lovato having to go off and film the movie "Camp Rock" which she starred in as Mitchie, Demi also could not return after Camp Rock due to starting her own TV series, Sonny With a Chance.


  • Charlotte and Lexi Adams, are considered cousins as they both share the last name "Adams".
  • Unlike her mother, Charlotte does not enjoy clog dancing.
  • Before Charlotte moved, she tutored Frank, the bully, which caused a misunderstanding in Bad Boy.