Butler For a Week
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Air Date November 16, 2008
Prod Number 212
Episode Number 27

Butler For a Week is the 12th episode in Season 2 (US). Skipper must become Lexi's butler for a week, after losing against her in a video game competition.


Lexi beats Skipper in Zenon 5, a video game, and Lexi says that she will see him in the morning.

Brooke says that she can't believe Lexi won. Skipper walks in in a suit. Lexi tells her that who ever loses would have to be the other one's butler for a week. Skipper holds Lexi's books and they leave. Brooke leaves.

Lexi and Brooke are in the hall and Lexi says that Skipper would give up. Brooke leaves when Skipper enters and says that he is sorry for being late because he was tending the garden. Then he offers Lexi some food and Lexi says that they should just call it even. Skipper disagrees and says that he has to be her butler for a week. Skipper asks her if there's anything else she wants. Tiffany walks by and says hi to Lexi. Lexi says that there is something.

Skipper shows up by Tiffany and offers to hold her books. Tiffany tells him that he reminds her of Skipper and the two walk off.



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