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Abang Oh Abang
Abang oh abang.png
Air Date September 5, 2010
Prod Number 103
Episode Number 3

Abang Oh Abang is the 3rd episode in Season 1 of Waktu Rehat. Johan is frustrated because his sister, Julie has a boyfriend and determines to track him down to give him a lesson.


Johan was to upset and frustrated that he didn't noticed Syed and Faiz were copying his actions. He later explains that his sister,Julie had a boyfriend and was too young to have one. As he they were talking, he suddenly asks them to keep quiet and shuffles away. Wai Chong appeared, fining Johan, Syed and Faiz for dancing in the hallway. Johan tricked Wai Chong and he escapes together with Syed. A frustrated Wai Chong quickly leaves to find Syed and Johan.

As they were coming out from their hiding place, they hide again and begin to spy on Julie and Mindy walking down the hallway, talking about Julie's boyfriend. Mindy advised Julie to keep the photo properly and Julie decided to hide it in her Mathematics textbook. Johan is determine to get the photo from her and pursue the mysterious guy that became Julie's boyfriend but Syed reminded it isn't easy to get the photo from her. The both of them started thinking who is able to get the photo and the answer lies on one person: Faiz.

Faiz appeared with the textbook later. Johan quickly takes it and flips all the pages in the book and feels disappointed because the photo wasn't inside it but Faiz said there will be a use for it later. Julie appeared walking down the hallway and Johan stops his sister to ask if he could borrow her Mathematics textbook. Feeling suspicious, Julie begin to ask why would her brother wanted to borrow her textbook. Syed quickly grabs her book and begin a tug-of-war with Julie. As the book flew out from her hand, Faiz quickly tricked Julie by yelling about the Principle's presence. Julie angrily snatches the textbook from Johan and walks away. Syed was puzzled why did they let her go but Faiz explains that he sneakily swapped her textbook with the one he bought earlier. After explaining, he shuffles away, leaving Johan and Syed to investigate Julie's mysterious boyfriend.

The photo showed Julie with a foreign guy and a note written at the back of it, saying "To my dearest Julie, love Nick". Johan tries to remember where he had seen Nick before but couldn't remember. They begin to pursue Nick by asking Kieran, Amirah and Luna but they laughed at their question. Mindy appeared, handing out school's magazine about an article of a student who won the Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam contest.

When Johan reads the article, he finally realized that Nick was actually Nick Jonas, taking a photo with Julie as a prize for winning the contest. Feeling silly, he apologizes to Julie and she accepted his apology. As Syed and Johan left, Nik, Julie's boyfriend appeared, giving her flowers and asking if she wanted to study with him, which Julie accepted.


School Rules[]

No Rules


(Johan keeps turning to the left and right in frustration as Faiz came shuffling and starts to copy his movements and was joined later by Syed as well)

Johan: GRR!

Faiz and Syed: GRR!

(Johan hears the both of them and turns to face them)

Johan: WOI! Korang buat apa tu?

Faiz and Syed: Tiru kau!

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