Ballad from Lexi
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Air Date August 02, 2008
Prod Number 203
Episode Number 18

Ballad from Lexi is the 3th episode in Season 2 (US). Lexi wrote a poem about her feelings towards Danny, who puts the poem into a song as lyrics.


Toejam asks Danny what he is doing. Danny says that he is writing a song. Toejam tells him that his paper is blank. Danny says that he is trying to write a song. Toejam tries to help him and tries to sing heavy metal, but instead, starts yelling like a gorilla. Toejam leaves and Tiffany arrives, asks what was the horrible noise, and offers to help with his song. Tiffany starts singing opera, but instead, she starts yelling in a high pitch. Skipper enters as Tiffany leaves and asks what was the horrible noise. Danny tells him that he's trying to write a song. Toejam jumps in with Skipper. Toejam makes the beat as Skipper raps, "'S' to the 'K' to the 'I' to the 'PPER', I'm the funny kid with the curly hair." The two leave, as Brooke enters and asks what was the horrible noise. Danny asks her which one. Brooke tells him that he should just write what he knows, but he doesn't know what he knows. Danny says making a song is as hard as Tiffany doing Sudoku.

Lexi comes in and asks Danny how his song is going. Danny tells her that he has trouble. Lexi offers to help. Danny is afraid that she would just be like the others. Lexi tells him that she wrote a poem, "Could You Be the One", and can turn it into lyrics for his song if he would like. Lexi reads it to him and then sings it. Danny likes it and leaves. Brooke comes and asks if Lexi finished the poem she wrote and said that she was right about using her heart. Tiffany comes and asks Brooke for help on her Sudoku. Brooke tells her to use her head and not her ear.

Danny runs up to Lexi and says that he finished and that he wants to sing it to her. Lexi is surprised and happy and liked it. She says that they make a good team. Danny says thanks, gives her a high five, and calls her his buddy. Danny leaves. Lexi is disappointed that they are "just buddies" and no more. Brooke walks in and tells her that that "buddy" was from his heart. Lexi says yes, and Tiffany comes in dancing and yelling.


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