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Bad Boy
Bad Boy.png
Air Date September 14, 2007
Prod Number 105
Episode Number 5

Bad Boy is the 5th episode in Season 1 (U.S.). Danny sees Charlotte talking to Frank, a "bad boy". Skipper says that girls like "bad boys", so Danny and his friends, Skipper and Toejam dresses up as "bad boys". Now, Charlotte sees Danny talking to a "bad girl" and Tiffany and Brooke tells her that guys like "bad girls". So, the girls dress up as "bad girls". But eventually, they all realized that the girls don't like "bad boys" and the guys don't like "bad girls".


Danny tells Skipper and Toejam that he wants to give Charlotte a painting he drew of a flower and if anyone saw her. Toejam says that Skipper saw her at lunch talking to Frank, the guy who throws Toejam into the trash everyday. Toejam says that he doesn't do that anymore and goes into a flashback where he threw himself in the trash. Toejam says that girls like bad boys no matter how good-looking they are. Just then, a girl walks by laughing and talking to Frank. Danny comes up with a plan.

Danny, Toejam, and Skipper walks in sunglasses, leather jackets, and jeans. A girl drags Danny away.

Charlotte, Brooke, and Tiffany walk in and Charlotte wonders where Danny is. Brooke sees Danny talking to Haley, a bad girl. Brooke and Tiffany says that guys like bad girls no matter how good-looking they are. Charlotte also decides to dress as a bad girl.

The girls walk in in a dark dress, dark lipstick, frizzled hair, and high heels. The guys walk in, snapping there fingers. They ask each other what's up, and they both say nothing. They ask why the guys are snapping and Danny says no reason. Danny says that he feels like cutting class next period. Charlotte says that she'll cut class with him since Toejam doesn't want to. Danny says that maybe he won't cut class, but he's not doing his homework tonight. Charlotte says that she won't tutor Frank. Then the guys realize that girls don't like bad boys. The girls realize the boys don't like bad girls. Toejam asks if they can stop dressing like they are in a Broadway show and they all leave, except for Skipper, who leaves afterward, snapping.

Charlotte finds the painting and the trash and asks Danny to stop by at her house after school to re-paint it. They both realize that they have detention. Danny was running in the hall and Charlotte was chewing gum in class. The two leave and Skipper and Toejam walk in. Skipper is still dressed as a bad boy and is still snapping. Toejam asks him to cut it out, but he continues.



  • This episode has a slight resemblance of Reservoir Dogs.

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