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January 29th

We are currently moving the pages for certain elements of the As the Bell Rings franchise to their respectful languages, so if you want to see a non-English* element, you will add "Name/English" to see it in English.

Wikia News January 26

Happy Tuesday! This week, we are releasing another new feature designed to make it easy for new users to make their first edits. Click here to learn about the changes that anonymous users will see when they view pages that have section edit links.

The Wikia Community Team

Wikia News January 12

Hi everyone! A few months ago we released Wikia's new Shared Help feature on all new wikis, including this wiki. On Monday, January 19th, we plan to release Shared Help to all existing wikis as well. Read more about what it means for our community here.
The Wikia Community Team and As the Bell Rings Staff

Happy New Year! January 6

Happy New Year to all; welcome 2009!
-As the Bell Rings Staff


December 24-25

Happy Holidays!!! -As the Bell Rings Staff

December 15

All wikis will be "read-only" from 9am - 10am UTC Tuesday morning (that's 1:00am Pacific, 4:00am Eastern). During this time, editing will be disabled while we do some routine maintenance, but you will still be able to access the site.

November 26

Welcome to As the Bell Rings Wiki All of the instructions on use, semantics, and the like can be found either below in Getting Started or via one of our quick links in the green toolbar to the right.

The staff of As the Bell Rings Wiki have worked very hard in getting it to this point, but there's only so far any one small group can expand an encyclopedia.

We're not there yet, but we're working on it, and you can help us. The staff of As the Bell Rings Wiki hope you enjoy, contribute to, and use our newest service! There are still many articles that need worked on! Consult the list of wanted articles to see what people most want filled in. Make sure pages are appropriately linked to others.

November 10

Welcome to As the Bell Rings Wiki!