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Article count

What does MediaWiki think an article is? The MediaWiki code is as follows:

# Would the given text make this article a "good" article (i.e.,
# suitable for including in the article count)?
function isCountable( $text )
	global $wgUseCommaCount, $wgMwRedir;

	if ( 0 != $this->mTitle->getNamespace() ) { return 0; }
	if ( $wgMwRedir->matchStart( $text ) ) { return 0; }
	$token = ($wgUseCommaCount ? ',' : '[[' );
	if ( false === strstr( $text, $token ) ) { return 0; }
	return 1;

This means that any article that is in the main namespace (i.e. not prefixed with As the Bell Rings Wiki: or Help:) that is not a redirect that has a link (or at least a [[) is considered a countable article -- since virtually every article, even the stubs, have a category link, this can be considered a very inclusive article count.