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Waktu Rehat (Break Time), also known as As The Bell Rings Malaysia, is a Disney Channel Asia Original television series that premiered on August 31, 2010. It is based on Disney Channel Italy Original Series, Quelli dell'intervallo. The show follows on a group of Malaysian Lower Secondary School students from fictional SM Jalan Mas (Golden Road Secondary School) on the school hallway during Recess.

The series premiered on August 31, 2010. The first episode, called "Durian Breath" or "Nafas Durian" was shown online on August 18, 2010 in Disney Channel Asia website & Disney Channel Asia's YouTube channel. The show currently airs every Saturday and Sunday on 12:00 pm (MAL/PHIL).. English Subtitles are available during each episode.


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[edit] Characters[]

[edit] Main Characters[]

  • Johan - The School Sports Captain: He is the school sports captain, the captain of the red sport house and the football team. He loves to help friends and look for mischief together with his best friends Faiz and Syed. He is also Julie's oldest brother. He always wears a jacket (indicating that he is the school sports captain). He loves animals but suffering a severe blattodephobia, a fear of cockroaches. He has been transferred to a sports school in season 2, resulting Kieran as the new sports captainIt is revealed in "Behind the Scenes of Waktu Rehat by Nicholas Cheng who played Wai Chong that there are 54,321 Rules (or Made up-Rules by Wai Chong (2 Made ups) and Amirah (1 Made up) respectively) enumerated in the Rule Book of SM Jalan Mas.
  • Syed [1]- The Jokester, a prankster who loves to play pranks onto his friends. He has a big crush on Amirah. He is Johan and Faiz's best friend. He is also a rapper. On Season 2 His Best Friend Johan Went To Sports School And he Take Care Johan's Sister Julie.
  • Luna [2]- The Earnest Problem Solver: Her motto is "don't crumble when there's trouble". She is smart and resourceful, and possesses a fierce earnestness in helping people. She always wears jilbab or hijab. Her best friend is Amirah.
  • Julie [2]- The Smart Dreamer: she is a librarian and straight A student, also in student council, who likes to read (especially teen fiction and romance) and always dreams about a prince that looks like Nick Jonas. She is Johan's youngest sister. She often helps her friends and her brother Johan. She is always clad in her school librarian uniform. On season 2 her brother went to sports school and she take care her cell phone because she use video.
  • Faiz - The Street Smart Shuffler: He is known as the school's street smart shuffler. He is reputed as "the person who can get whatever you want". His best friends are Syed and Johan. His catchphrase is, "time to disappear" whenever he wants to sneak away from trouble and escape from Wai Chong's influence. He wears a red jacket most of the time.
  • Amirah [1]- The School Belle: She is the most popular girl in school. Her best friend is Luna. She has a legion of fans in the school and receive an average 20 fan mail messages daily, which includes Syed, who's always desperately try win her heart. She always carries a mirror and a small pink handbag. On Season 2, she is a cheerleader of SM Jalan Mas.
  • Kieran [2]- The Tomboy: A tomboyish girl who does taekwando. She hates girly clothes and prefers to wear tracksuits or a dobok (a uniform used in taekwondo) and a headband. She is Mindy's best friend. She is usually paired with Johan on sporting activities and possibly stronger than him too. Her catchphrase is saikk!/hee-ya! when she's doing her taekwando moves. On season 2, she is the new sports captain - the first girl to acquired the position in the S.M. Jalan Mas history, replacing Johan.
  • Mindy [2]- The Nosy Newshound: she is the chief writer for the school bulletin. She usually seen with glasses and two pony tails. She has a camera and recorder with her all the times. She is Kieran's best friend. She is also known as a paparazzi due to producing gossip with the use of her camera and her recorder. Her catchphrase is sizzling news whenever she does a recording. She left the school in season 2.
  • Anding - The Professor: He is usually seen wearing glasses and a sweater. The president of the astronomy club, he is possibly smarter than two grades above him. He is easily pranked by Syed. He has a major crush on Luna. His best friend is Wai Chong.
  • Suresh [2]- The Food Connoisseur, an Indian student who loves food (except roti canai) and can recognise any type of food in one bite. He is the only male student in home economics class. He also loves cooking just like his father.
  • Wai Chong - The Prefect: he wears glasses and a jacket (indicating his role the head prefect of the school). He is a really great follower of the school rules and will not let anyone break them. His best friend is Anding. He is the head prefect in SM Jalan Mas, student council, one of the best recognizable students for perfect attendance, the president of Anti-Dating club and his catchphrase is "Don't run!" when his friend tries to run away after he caught them disobeying the school rules.
  • The Principal - He is the principal of the S.M. Jalan Mas. He is never seen in the show nor the opening sequence, but his voice is sometimes heard. His head prefect, Wai Chong helps him give detentions to the students who break the rules.
  • Adam - The Musician [3] : He is a new student replacing Mindy of the S.M. Jalan Mas in Season 2, a musically inclined young lad who enjoys playing with his guitar. He is blessed with good looks and a charming personality, yet feels rather insecure about himself. [4] [5]

[1][2]The cast of Waktu Rehat Season 1.

[3][4]Ashmen Iskandar Weiss as Adam, a new student in Season 2.===[edit] Minor Characters===

  • Nik - He is usually seen in the corridor during the show, and it is revealed at the end of the episode "Brotherly Love" that he is Julie's boyfriend.
  • Alam - A great shuffler who teaches Anding shuffling moves in return for Anding's help in his school science project in the episode "The Shuffle Champion". His tagline is "word" whenever he wanted to express his opinion.
  • Pak Syukor - A ghostly spirit which believed to be the school guardian by some of the students, it is believed that he knows every answer for everything in the episode "Haunted Help".
  • Lina - A cousin of Luna who appeared in the episode "Nice Luna, Naughty Luna", a member of the Girl Scouts, as indicated by her extracurricular uniform. It is revealed in that episode that she is rather mischievous compare to her nice cousin.
  • Atan bin Awang - A new student in the S.M. Jalan Mas in the episode "The Bully", who had been possibly transferred to the school due to his previous bad record. He had harassed most of the characters by beating some of them and writing slurs at their back. He has a small squeaky tone of voice despite his sheer size.
  • Atan's Mom - Was being called to the principal's office due to his son's behaviour, possibly among few people that Atan is afraid of.
  • Azza - A possible new student of the S.M. Jalan Mas, which reported to be a part-model from London who had worked in the various international catwalk runaways and a cousin of Malaysian teen idol, Juliana Evans.
  • Azahari - A handsome new student in the S.M. Jalan Mas, which Amirah, Luna and Mindy is excited upon seeing him by the end of the episode "Gossip".
  • The Award Announcer - An announcer who give Awards to Wai Chong and Faiz from their dream in the episode "Wai Chong's Whistle".

[edit] Settings[]

  • Sekolah Menengah Jalan Mas (Golden Road Secondary School), or S.M. Jalan Mas - The secondary school where all of the characters attend.
  • S.M. Jalan Mas school corridor - Adopting most of the As the Bell Rings series, the show revolves mainly around the school main corridor. It features the school motto "Bersatu Padu ke Arah Kejayaan" (Unity towards Excellence) as the backdrop and a replica of Petronas Twin Towers on the middle of the corridor. The school's main corridor is facing towards the school fish pond and the Principal's office.

[edit] Theme song and opening sequence[]

The show theme song "Waktu Rehat", is adopted and translated to Malay from the original Italian version (which is also used by most of the international version of the series) and was performed by the cast themselves.

The opening title sequence of the series begins by the main characters introducing themselves, this was followed by a scenario where the characters are bored in a comical drawn classroom and waiting for the recess to arrive. As the school bell finally rings to mark the recess, the characters dances cheerfully. The sequence ends when the characters taking the class photo and the tittle logo is featured.

[edit] Lyrics[]

Malay English translation

Tak Sabar Kami Menanti Waktu Rehat Tiba Lagi

Heboh, Kecoh Dan Meriah Bila Dengan Kawan Sekolah

(Rancaknya) Jadi Mari Bersama Kami Disini Lawak, Gelak, Rancak, Borak Semua Di Waktu Rehat

We Just Can't Wait Any Longer The Break Time Finally Arrives

Excitement, Swizzle and Joy When Together with Schoolmates

(Lively) So Come on and Join Us Together Fun, Laughter, Lively, Chatting All in the Break Time

[edit] Challenge[]

The Challenge is a game set by the characters, which serves as a mini-episodes on the series.

  1. "Shuffle challenge" by Faiz
  2. "Durian eating challenge" by Kieran
  3. "Thumb wrestling challenge" by Mindy
  4. "Cake decorating challenge" by Anding
  5. "Pantun challenge" by Luna
  6. "Make-up challenge" by Amirah
  7. "Rapping challenge" by Syed
  8. "Impersonations challenge" by Wai Chong

[edit] Cast[]

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 16 August 31, 2010 (2010-08-31) December 25, 2010 (2010-12-25)
2 21 March 12, 2011 (2011-03-12) 0TBA

Episode List[]

Main article: List of As The Bell Rings (Malaysia) episodes

[edit] Reception[]

Below are the seasonal rankings (based on average total viewers per episode) of Waktu Rehat on Disney Channel Asia:

Season Timeslot Season premiere Season finale TV seasons Viewers

(in millions)

1 Saturday, Sunday 12pm (MAL/PHIL) August 31, 2010 December 25, 2010 2010 2.08 [6]
2 March 12, 2011 TBA 2011 TBD

[edit] Rule Numbers[]

It is revealed in "Behind the Scenes of Waktu Rehat by Nicholas Cheng who played Wai Chong that there are 54,321 Rules (or Made up-Rules by Wai Chong (2 Made ups) and Amirah (1 Made up) respectively) enumerated in the Rule Book of SM Jalan Mas.

  • 115B - No eating anywhere but the canteen.
  • 12A Paragraph 5 - Setting up a picnic spot without a permit.
  • 17F - Wearing too many hair accessories.
  • 18C - Causing people to faint in the corridor.
  • 2055F - No wetting of school floors.
  • 300A - No plotting revenge on anybody.
  • 3000A - No gossip. (Amirah is a prefect at an episode about a solar eclipse).
  • 302B - No bad breath.
  • 303/303E - No lying to the king/emperor about reality. (Made up by Wai Chong in his dream)
  • 3082A - No making fun of prefects.
  • 382A Paragraph 5 - No tricking a prefect and no framing of any best friend.
  • 5D - No throwing rubbish into the fish pond.
  • 532B - No putting a plastic cockroach on a prefect's sandwich.
  • 533B - Invite the prefect if you're having a party (Made up by Wai Chong during the 1st season finale party)
  • 6333C - No shuffling in the school building.
  • 633C Paragraph 10 - No shuffling in the school corridor.
  • 75F - Possession of a rubber snake without a license

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