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Amirah Aminuddin
Name Amirah Aminuddin
Gender Female
Age 16
Occupation Student
Portrayed By Nurul Elfira Loy

Amirah Aminuddin is the School Belle. She is stylish, confident and also a bit vain - often looking at herelf in a compact mirror. Being admired comes naturally on her. Most boys go crazy for her while most girls will look for her to set the fashion trends. She has a legion of fans and usually receives 20 fan mails daily.

Althrough she can be quite self-centered, she is not a mean girl. She is good friends with the other girls, especially her best friend, Luna and is always trying to help them to be cooler and trendier, whether they will like it or not. In Season 2, she became the head cheerleader of SM Jalan Mas. She is also Syed's secret crush.


  • Fashion
  • Looking at her Compact mirror
  • Wearing makeup
  • Cheerleading
  • Gossip
  • Fan mails
  • Her fans