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Lexi Adams
Name Lexi Adams
Gender Female
Show As the Bell Rings (United States)
Occupation Student
Introduced In The (Not So) New Girl
Portrayed By Lindsey Black

Alexandra "Lexi" May Adams (played by Lindsey Black in As The Bell Rings). Lexi and Danny were childhood friends up until Lexi moved away about 10 years ago and re-met when she moved to his school in the second season. Lexi is a popular student within the school and is seen to be athletic, funny, smart and to have a good fashion sense. Everybody thinks “awesome” especially when she uses magic tricks to disappear.

Character Story[]


Lexi is one of Danny's childhood friends who moved away 10 years ago. Lexi replaces Charlotte as Danny's love interest who is very competitive with Danny and beats him in most things, even arm wrestling. Lexi is able to do many magic tricks, and fits well with all of Danny's best guy friends and girl friends. Danny considers her, "one of the guys." Toejam, Brooke, Skipper, and Tiffany all tell Danny to move on since Charlotte moved away, so Danny pays attention to Lexi who has moved back. Eventually Danny stops liking her because he can't hide his feelings he still has for Charlotte.

Romantic life[]

Danny Neilson[]

Lexi is always trying to tell Danny that she likes him by giving him hints such as pretending to be his girlfriend, writing poems about him and always saying that they make a great team. However Danny just considers her as “one of the guys” and is always calling her “buddy”. It is mentioned though that he had a crush on her in 2nd grade.


  • Lexi and Charlotte Adams are thought to be cousins as they share the last name 'Adams'.